Khitish Mohanty the dislocation and involvement of the surgical

All posterior dislocations associated with a humeral fracture were taken to operating theatre; no attempt of reduction was made in AE under sedation Khitish Mohanty. In seven cases, there was lesser tuberosity fracture, in two cases there was a surgical neck of the humerus fracture and in one case there were both tuberosities fractures associated with the dislocation Khitish Mohanty. Seven had successful closed reduction, two had open reduction and plating and one had primary shoulder hemiarthroplasty when the defect in the humeral head was more than 40% and shoulder was found to be unstable. Two patients, who had initial closed reduction under anaesthesia, suffered fracture re-displacement and shoulder instability and had subsequent shoulder hemiarthroplasties (Fig. 3) Khitish Mohanty.

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