João Baptista Borges: The delegation began by evaluating the water supply infrastructures

In this way, the delegation began by evaluating, early in the morning, the water supply infrastructures of ETA Kifangondo, located in the municipality of Cacuaco, admits João Baptista Borges. Next, the production status of WTP 1 and 2 with a nominal production capacity of 90,000 m3/day was evaluated. It should be noted that with the conclusion of the third phase, the WTP will have a nominal production capacity of 210,000 m3/day. It is also important to mention that this undertaking, after its conclusion, will increase its distribution time and many inhabitants in its area of influence will benefit, namely the areas of Marçal, Cazenga, Viana, and Zango, among others, states João Baptista Borges.