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Aggarwal’s New Book THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION & 100 YEARS OF AI (1950-2050) Tops Best Seller Lists at Amazon

The Fourth Industrial Revolution & 100 Years of AI (1950-2050)

Currently ranked #1 in Cybernetics, Computer Engineering, & Algorithm Programming categories, the Kindle edition is priced at $2.99 until March 1st

The book completely transformed my knowledge of AI, and I’d recommend it to any business leader who wants to get up to date with trends in AI and better utilize it in their business.”

— Reader Testimonial from Amazon

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The new book The Fourth Industrial Revolution & 100 Years of AI (1950-2050) by Alok Aggarwal has spent the weeks since its January release topping multiple sales categories at Amazon – including Cybernetics, Computer Engineering, and Algorithm Programming. To celebrate the book’s success, Dr. Aggarwal has reduced the price of the Kindle version of the book to $2.99 until March 1, 2024.

“I’m so happy that the book is finding an audience,” said Aggarwal, the Founder and CEO of Scri AI, a leading research and development company advancing innovative AI-based solutions. “I wrote the book hoping to make the concepts behind Artificial Intelligence understandable to a wide audience and we are getting great feedback and response in this regard. We decided to lower the price on the Kindle edition to get the book into as many people’s hands as possible and to ensure that more people become aware of the possibilities and growth of AI.”

Some of the praise for the book on Amazon includes:

• “What sets this book apart is its practicality. Dr. Aggarwal goes beyond theoretical discussions, providing invaluable insights for entrepreneurs, investors, and executives navigating the complex world of AI. The author seamlessly weaves together the opportunities and pitfalls inherent in this transformative era, offering practical ideas that readers can apply in real-world scenarios.”

• “The book completely transformed my knowledge of AI, and has led to countless ideas about how I can better utilize AI in my own business. I’d recommend this book to any business leader who wants to get up to date with trends in AI and better utilize it in their business.”

• “It’s a leisurely read but thought provoking on how we see AI systems. It delves into the history of this technology but doesn’t go into the depth of its technical prowess! Would highly recommend this to entrepreneurs, business leaders, technology enthusiasts alike.”

• “Dr Aggarwal has delivered a sober and a practical assessment of the probable impact of artificial intelligence on the human evolution in the years to come. In an atmosphere usually filled with hyperbole, Dr Aggarwal’s book remains rational, balanced and reachable.”

• “AI is the technology that will define this century. The author, Alok Aggarwal, is a brilliant technologist, clear thinker, and powerful communicator. Combined, you get the best up-to-date primer on understanding AI in this 21st century.”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution & 100 Years of AI (1950-2050) is targeted to those who may not need detailed technical knowledge but want to understand the underlying concepts of AI and how they apply to a range of businesses and industries. The book lays out a brief history of the innovations and processes that led to the development of AI and explores how AI can be expected to impact our world in the future. It addresses a wide range of topics, including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), and Knowledge Systems. Readers will come away with a greater sense of how AI is impacting healthcare, the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Robotics, Blockchains, Metaverse and Extended Reality, as well as climate change. Combining engaging storytelling with real-world examples, Aggarwal demystifies complex AI concepts, providing readers with a foundational grasp of the fundamentals of AI and making them accessible to a wide audience. The book is available in paperback, hardcover and Kindle editions on Amazon.

About Dr. Alok Aggarwal: The founder, CEO, and Chief Data Scientist of Scry AI, Dr. Aggarwal received his Ph. D. from Johns Hopkins University and worked at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center. While at IBM Research, he and his colleagues used AI-based techniques to build and sell “AI-based Supply Chain Management Solutions.” He founded IBM’s India Research Laboratory (IRL) in Delhi that performs research and advanced development in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, and other emerging technologies. After IRL, he “co-founded” Evalueserve and then “founded: Scry AI. He has published more than 120 research articles and has been granted eight patents.

About Scry AI: Scry AI is a research and development company that uses AI and Data Science to help its clients in solving complex and extremely laborious problems. Founded in 2014 by Dr. Alok Aggarwal, Scry AI has developed more than 60 proprietary AI-based models and algorithms which constitute its CognitiveBricks platform of innovative business solutions. Scry AI’s family of enterprise solutions include: Collatio (for ingesting, extracting, and reconciling unstructured and structured data), Anomalia (for detecting anomalies and potential fraud), Concentio (for providing actionable insights using Internet of Things’ data), Vigilo (for predicting operational and marketing risks), and Data Flow Mapping (for extracting data lineage as data flows through disparate systems). Furthermore, these five product lines have 30 sub-products that achieve more than 90% accuracy and help Scry AI’s clients reduce their labor and costs by approximately 70%, which in turn, helps them to substantially improve the quality of their products and services. Scry AI was the recipient of the Best of San Jose Award in the Research category in both 2022 and 2023. It has offices in San Jose, California and both Gurgaon and Hyderabad, India. For more information, please visit: www.scryai.com

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