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BAP America Kicks off “Danny McQ The Patriot” Business, Film and Technology Job Creation workshop, “AI is Coming”!

Book cover of Danny McQ Patriot Force

Book Cover of Danny McQ Design Patriot Dogs

Book Cover of Danny McQ Born Loser

BAP America is expanding Film, AI, Music & Technology by conducting remote and satellite workshops and training across Texas, Austin, San Antonio, & beyond!

AI is inevitable & a path for future jobs and careers. Advanced Air Mobility, Film, Music & everything will be impacted. History has shown America’s economy is directly related to transportation.”

— Dan McQueen

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Do More Faster, So Others May Live”. Dan McQueen has launched the casting and workshop across Texas to promote Business Growth, Jobs and Development in Film, Music, Politics and Technology. The BAP America outreach program is conducting the pre-casting and workshop of the reality-based mini-series, “Danny McQ The Patriot – AI is Coming”. Focusing attention in developing the technology platforms for A.A.M. (Advanced Air Mobility) business growth across Texas. In addition to expanding the Film and Music business development processes. They are seeking all those who desire a future in the film, music or technology fields. McQueen, is the CEO/PTO for MITI (McQueen Innovative Transport Inc), an Independent Candidate for U.S. Congress in District 21 of Texas in the 2024 election, Director of BAP America, and former Mayor of Corpus Christi.

“The advances in A.I. (Artificial intelligence) are changing the way we do business and look at the jobs in the future. I will be using AI to develop the scripts based around the Danny McQ character in a reality-based political drama that embraces the real world and how people will be impacted in their future careers or jobs. AI is changing the world and will impact everything we do. Air Travel, Film, and Music are directly impacted and all of Texas needs to look at how to implement the human element to AI and their future. We will be conducting workshops on audio engineering, video engineering, editing, acting, directing, and all aspects of filmmaking. We welcome all wannabe actors and filmmakers as well as music and technology personnel. Every city in Texas should be thinking about the future and how to embrace the challenges of advancing technology. My process is collaborative and involves everyone. We have a phased approach to communication and filmmaking that opens the doors for anyone interested.”

Current aircraft design, “AeroTae’” McQueen Innovative Transport Inc. is researching component selection, manufacturing locations, and AAM infrastructure development to embrace the fast-approaching world of flying cars. The sky taxi business is growing globally and McQueen intends on Texas leading the path for the next phase of personal transportation. The jobs and careers of the future are directly related to the Personal Aerial Transport that will revolutionize transportation just as the automotive, train, and aircraft have in the past. Technology is rapidly growing in every area and to succeed we need to do more faster.

McQueen recently released three novels in the Danny McQ series, “Patriot Force”, “Born Loser” and “Design Patriot Dogs”. Each are expected to be follow-on film and a continued series of novel releases. His past experiences in Navy Special Operations, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Air Force One, Army Black Hawks and a long list of military operations capture the core of real military and technological challenges. In the future, McQueen intends to conduct remote development programs for BAP America to continue education in Film, Software, AAM and AI. His focus in partnering with VFW, American Legions, Union halls, Association groups, recreation centers, martial arts studios and dance halls, works to become a focal free educational ground in expanding business and business development.

Focus for the marketing of the AeroTae’ aircraft is directed in the upcoming feature film, “Danny McQ Design Patriot Dogs”. Casting has begun across Texas. Primary filming is scheduled to begin in the final month of 2024 with a follow-on into the 2025 calendar year for additional Danny McQ productions. McQueen has indicated that Texas is the advancing state for technological growth and with that brings the growth of the Film Industry. He is a member of the Austin Entertainment Business group and is active in film production across the state of Texas. McQueen stated, “Focus on the export products that bring future jobs and elevates the people of Texas is paramount”. The SXSW in Austin and many film collaborative programs such as 48-hour or 7 day film festivals, bring ground-level learning and production to the film industry. McQueen, founder of ME (McQueen Entertainment) has a lineup of films planned over the next several years. The advances in technology in air travel and merged with the entertainment industry such as film, bring forward the vision of Steve McQueen in The Great Escape or the entire Iron Man superhero concept. The “If we build it, they will come”, mentality. McQueen said, “America is the greatest nation on this planet, it is time we all focus on what we know and what we do to elevate America”. McQueen is well known while political campaigning, riding his Triumph Rocket motorcycle across Texas and breaking boards with Karate. Navy Special Operations, Martial Artist, Motorcyclist, Aeronautical Engineer, Politician, without a Tattoo or Piercing. The Triumph Rocket is world renowned for being the fastest production motorcycle manufactured. Flying Motorcycles? The reality is, the future is in Aerial Transportation, regardless of the label.

McQueen is a decorated U.S. Navy Combat Veteran Aviation Warfare SAR (Search and Rescue) Rescue Swimmer, Master Martial Artist, Prior nominee for U.S. Congress Texas district 35, Prior Mayor Corpus Christi, retired Lead Engineer on the Boeing VC25B Air Force One Presidential Aircraft, Army Black Hawk Helicopter, Marine Corps Osprey VTOL, Educator, Author and Musician.

Dan McQueen
BAP America
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/694211558/bap-america-kicks-off-danny-mcq-the-patriot-business-film-and-technology-job-creation-workshop-ai-is-coming

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