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Campbell Tops List of Worst Cities to Start a Business

LVL UP in downtown Campbell is set to close

CAMPBELL, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Where are the worst places in America to start a business? According to Silicon Valley News(SVN), Campbell California ranked among America’s worst cities to start a business. Experts examined the top 100 most populous metro areas in the United States to find the cities with the worst business-friendly statistics. This includes factors like having a low likelihood of success, high cost of living, workforce, and high taxes. Using 10 different data factors, their small-business index highlights the worst cities for business in 2023.

Although City Hall may disagree, Campbell has had one of the highest number of business closures, in proportion to population size according to the ZB index. For instance, the closing of the once thriving Elephant Bar restaurant in 2016, still sits vacant for almost a decade. “The closing of the Elephant Bar was a surprise,” said Campbell’s economic development specialist Nicole Brown.

Local business owner Eric Lockhart says “Just look at Downtown Campbell which is a complete failure. They’ve been dropping like flies. Most are lucky if they make it past one year”.

The most recent victim is LVL UP, the only barcade in town that once had the entire City Hall’s blessing in 2018. Despite council members and the planning commission’s unanimous decision, there was concern the restaurant would become a bar with games rather than primarily a restaurant. This decision has now proven fatal, as the majority of complaints on Yelp and Google are related to dissatisfaction with the food.

Jason Kennedy, a regular patron said “It was weird coming there late at night for a beer, but then you have all these kids running around. This should have been a 21 and up”.

Natalie Perez, who was unimpressed during her first visit, stated that “The games were outdated and more for my parent’s generation. This is pretty expensive, considering I could play with my PS5 or Nintendo Switch at home which are better”.

Change could be on the horizon as some concerned residents gear up to run in the next city council election. Michael Sandler, a millennial from West Campbell plans to run for council in the next election. He thinks that the current city council is predominantly an older generation, “They are out of touch with the needs of the majority of residents. The last thing we need is a minority playing musical chairs”.

Residents may have to reevaluate who is actually running the next time they receive their ballots in the mail. The age-old formula of city staffers who often end up being the only candidates on the ballot, has its drawbacks; crafting and endorsing policies without a forward-thinking vision, failing to consider the requirements and aspirations of working aged citizens and entrepreneurs.

He says “It’s high time for a change, a fresh and progressive perspective in the city’s governance and policies, that not only understands but actively supports the dreams and endeavors of all its residents, regardless of their age”.

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