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Compliance View 360 Announces That it is Joining a Suite of Platforms all Powered by Newly Founded Optic Systems

Optic Systems, established as a visionary enterprise, is designed to oversee and synergize the operations of CV360 and a suite of newly formed companies, each dedicated to different industrial sectors, including but not limited to cities, municipalities, asset management, infrastructure, home building, land development, and commercial landscaping. This strategic initiative leverages Optic System’s technological prowess and patented inspection system and method.

“The formation of Optic Systems as our parent organization opens up tremendous opportunities,” said Wesley Hunt, Co-Founder and former CEO of Compliance View 360 and newly appointed CEO of Optic Systems. “Under this new structure, we are poised to extend technological innovations to a wider array of industries, enhancing our impact and driving forward our mission of technological excellence.”

“Optic Systems is not just a corporate entity but a catalyst for innovation. It’s set up to harness the strengths of the patented system and method, strategically implementing this technology across various new companies, each focusing on a unique industry.” said Kraig Carmickle, Co-founder of Optic Systems.

The founding of Optic Systems is expected to increase growth, foster innovation, and create a cohesive network of companies working to advance technology in their respective fields.

About Compliance View 360: Founded in 2020, Compliance View 360 is the world’s first and only patented GPS-driven, visually interactive property inspection system in the United States. It maintains vehicles in more than 11 markets across the United States. Each vehicle is equipped with a 360-degree camera that captures interactive 360-degree video and allows users to perform consistent and comprehensive virtual inspections of their communities from almost anywhere in the world.

About Optic Systems: Newly founded Optic Systems envisions itself as a dynamic orchestrator of technological innovation and integration across multiple industries. Our foundational philosophy is grounded in the utilization of our patented 360-degree video technology, a modular software solution, and our ability to leverage similar equipment and expert personnel across our family of companies. For more information, please visit http://opticsystems.io

Media Contact: Wesley Hunt, Co-Founder & CEO; Optic Systems; 814.573.7687; [email protected]

SOURCE Optic Systems

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/compliance-view-360-announces-that-it-is-joining-a-suite-of-platforms-all-powered-by-newly-founded-optic-systems-302010386.html
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