Why Hasn’t the U.S. Asked for a Stay in the Mask Mandate Case?

The administration’s actions suggest either a botched case or a shrewd play for time as it gives up on the mask order but hopes to erase an adverse ruling, legal experts said.

F.D.A. Warns Patients About Some Prenatal Genetic Tests

The agency cites concerns that some manufacturers’ claims about test performance “may not be supported with sound scientific evidence.”

Scientists Find No Benefit to Time-Restricted Eating

In a yearlong study, participants who confined meals to certain hours lost no more weight than those who ate at any time.

A Door-to-Door Effort to Find Out Who Died Helps Low-Income Countries Aid the Living

Many developing countries don’t keep official death records. A novel effort uses “electronic autopsies” to count deaths, and record their cause.

Omicron Was More Severe for Unvaccinated Children in 5-to-11 Age Group, Study Shows

Black children who had not been immunized made up about a third of those hospitalized during the winter surge.

Biden Administration May Appeal Mask Mandate Ruling

If the C.D.C. decides there is a public health basis for trying to reinstate and extend the mask mandate, the Justice Department will swiftly file an appeal.

Study Raises Questions About Popular Genetic Test for ‘Abnormal’ Embryos

The test leads people undergoing in vitro fertilization to discard thousands of embryos each year. The new research found implanting some “abnormal” embryos resulted in healthy live births.

Scientists Question Data Behind an Experimental Alzheimer’s Drug

Studies linked to Cassava Sciences, once a stock market favorite, have been retracted or challenged by medical journals.

Four Americans Were Infected With a Virus Variant Seen in Mink

The cluster is the first known instance of likely animal-to-human transmission in the United States.

Americans Over 60 Should Get Second Booster, Official Says

Citing data from Israel, the Biden administration’s Covid response coordinator said a second booster offered significant protection to older people.


Glencore Will Pay $1.1 Billion to Settle Bribery and Price-Fixing Charges

U.S. prosecutors said the settlement followed “a multiyear scheme to manipulate benchmarks used to set prices for oil at two of our country’s busiest ports.”

Law Requiring French in Quebec Becomes Stricter

Quebec’s new law limits access to government services in languages other than French, requires small businesses to operate in it and caps enrollment at English-language junior colleges.

After Fetterman’s Stroke, Doctors Look at Senate Campaign Prospects

The medical team for the Democratic nominee in Pennsylvania’s Senate race has not spoken about John Fetterman’s prognosis. But cardiac experts saw clues in campaign statements.