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“Embrace Personal Peace: Comprehensive Anxiety Management” – Dr. Guy E. Glad’s Guide

“Embrace Personal Peace: Comprehensive Anxiety Management” – Dr. Guy E. Glad’s Guide

Discover “Personal Peace: Embrace the Promises” by Dr. Guy E. Glad—an empowering guide to overcoming anxiety through faith.

WA, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Guy E. Glad, a distinguished author, counselor, and ordained minister, presents his latest book “Personal Peace: Embrace the Promises,” offering readers a transformative approach to anxiety management. Drawing insights from both medical science and the Bible, Dr. Glad delivers an integrated view that empowers individuals to find freedom and peace amidst life’s challenges.

“Personal Peace: Embrace the Promises” is a ground-breaking work that combines the wisdom of medical science and the teachings of the Bible to address anxiety from a holistic perspective. Dr. Glad emphasizes the clear direction and guidance provided in both spheres, showing readers that effective anxiety management is within reach.

As a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor, addiction medicine therapist, and licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Glad brings over three decades of experience in comprehensive counseling and healthcare to his writing. His 35-year tenure as an Army Chaplain has further enriched his understanding of the human psyche and the complexities of managing anxiety.

Through his book, Dr. Glad makes it evident that God’s promises offer a path to peace and freedom from anxiety. He emphasizes that God’s standards are attainable and within reach, providing hope to those who may have experienced past frustrations, challenges, or failures.

“Personal Peace: Embrace the Promises” is a must-read for anyone struggling with anxiety or seeking a deeper understanding of managing anxious thoughts and emotions. Dr. Glad’s unique perspective on anxiety as both a counselor and a minister offers readers a profound sense of relief and encouragement.

In addition to his latest work, Dr. Glad has authored other insightful books, including “Ambushed! The Siren Song of Alcohol Use” and “Resilient Faith of Biblical Proportions.” As an Associate Professor of Leadership and Counseling Psychology, Dean of the School of Leadership, and Coordinator of the Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree program at Faith International University, Dr. Glad is committed to equipping others with the tools for personal growth and fulfillment.

For those looking to explore the intersections of medical science and faith, “Personal Peace: Embrace the Promises” offers an enlightening and empowering read. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, and more information can be found on Dr. Guy E. Glad’s author page.

About Dr. Guy E. Glad:

Dr. Guy E. Glad is a distinguished author, counselor, and ordained minister. With a diverse background in counseling, addiction medicine therapy, and marriage and family therapy, Dr. Glad brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to his writing. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Leadership and Counseling Psychology at Faith International University.

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