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HoloEye AI & ELPISEREMO Unveil AI-Driven Biological Artifactual Model to Select Oocytes with High Pregnancy Success Rate

HOLOEYE AI Holographic Super Biological ARTIFACTUAL Model

ELPISEREMO, a Precision Bioengineering Regenerative-Medicine Technology Company

ThirdEye Gen 20+ years of mixed reality development experience for the Department of Defense

HoloEye AI and ELPISEREMO Unveil Revolutionary Holographic-AI + Camera Driven By Biological Artifactual Model to Select Eggs with High Pregnancy Success Rates

ELPISEREMO and HoloEye AI Holographic AI Glasses Powered by Biological Artifactual Model to augment in-vitro fertilization and human reproduction.” said James Ryan, CEO of ELPISEREMO.”

— James Ryan

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, USA, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — HoloEye.AI, a ThirdEye Gen spinoff, and ELPISEREMO proudly announces the ground-breaking launch of the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered Smart Glasses + OculiDeusTM AI camera ecosystem of Holographic Biological Intelligence, enabling any embryologists, or a personalized AI-driven super intelligent holographic assistant, to make precise egg selections for Reproductive Genetic Innovations East (RGI-EAST).

“We have about thirty trillion cells in our body which dynamically interact with our organ systems, organs, tissue, and cells. They exhibit complex patterning of gene and protein expression to execute their specific functions. In an effort to decipher this complex system language we developed a high-resolution Hyperspectral machine vision camera called OculiDeus, which is powered by our proprietary Biological Artifactual Intelligence Model (BAiM), to harvest and analyze oscillatory patterns of biophotonic activity emissions from cells, tissues, and organs in real time, providing unprecedented insight into human body health or ill health. OculiDeus was born.” said Prof. Carlo Ventura, CSO of HOLOEYE AI+ and ELPISEREMO.

“Using HoloEye AI OculiDeus ecosystem, the accuracy of predicting pregnancy success rate during infertility treatment will be greatly improved. Infertile Couples could preserve their quality viable eggs with a higher pregnancy success rate, rather than freezing eggs blindly. Reproductive Genetic Innovations East (RGI EAST) will be utilizing OculiDeus AI during infertility treatment for viable egg selection and egg banking. ELPISEREMO team is working to improve tools and strategies to optimize in-vitro fertilization and human reproduction.” said James Ryan, CEO of ELPISEREMO.

The collaboration between HoloEye.AI, ELPISEREMO, and RGI EAST brings together a world leading trans-disciplinary team with decades of expertise in immersive technology, molecular cell and developmental biology, Physics, bio-chemistry, embryo cellular and genetics prenatal diagnosis detection of genetic and chromosomal disorders, computer vision, and precision bioengineering, delivering unprecedented benefits to infertility patients globally. This collaboration’s valuation holds the potential to reach multiple billions.

OculiDeusTM is an advanced high-resolution hyperspectral camera vision system – with a myriad of optical sensors, which accelerates diagnostic accuracy and precision assessment of human cells, eggs (oocytes), tissue and organs, molecular signature insights, which is powered by a groundbreaking Proprietary Biological Artifactual Intelligence Model (BAiM) to significantly boosts performance.

Nick Cherukuri, speaking on the collaboration, expressed his enthusiasm for the accelerated growth of HoloEye AI. “These collaborations represent the future of medical advancements with AI/MR, offering limitless possibilities for addressing global challenges of population stagnation, as well as Alzheimer’s, Depression, Longevity, and Population Growth,” he said. “We eagerly anticipate expanding our global subscriber base by welcoming additional partners in the medical field.”


HoloEye.AI, a ThirdEye Gen spinoff, is a transformative AI Biological Intelligence Company at the forefront of augmenting best-in-class, or first-in-class, pipeline of curative treatment modalities, assisted reproductive technologies, including pioneering technological advancements in entertainment and education. With a relentless focus on innovation, HoloEye AI specializes in the accelerated development and delivery of cutting-edge AI biotech healthcare products that harness the power of artificial intelligence to address challenges and promote wellbeing and healing in individuals.

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ELPISEREMO is a precision bioengineering regenerative-medicine company whose platform technology precisely targets, harnesses and instructs the body’s own tissue-resident cells, to produce nearly any therapeutic and regenerative protein, in place, with on/off precision, without the need to inject small-molecule drugs, mRNA, stem cells, or chemicals. ELPISEREMO mission is to accelerate delivery of the best-in-class, or first-in-class, pipeline of curative treatment modalities for those suffering with high unmet medical needs from a wide-range of devastating diseases, dysfunctions and disorders for which there is no cure.


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ThirdEye Gen is a leader in providing a complete digital end-to-end eco-system of fully integrated products in Artificial Intelligence/Mixed Reality. Its products include a robust portfolio of industry-specific SaaS enterprise AI/MR applications and associated hardware. ThirdEye’s history includes over 20 years of delivering innovative, effective and efficient mixed reality products and solutions to the US Government and the Department of Defense.

For more information, visit www.thirdeyegen.com.

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