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Jupiter Launches New Business Segment: Jupiter Environmental Commodities

Jupiter Exchange, a financial services and technology company

Jupiter Environmental Commodities plans to launch Futures Contracts for the global carbon market.

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES , January 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jupiter, a pioneer in the evolution of global financial markets, is excited to announce the launch of Jupiter Environmental Commodities. Jupiter’s strategic roadmap includes expanding industry partnerships serving both the climate industry and globally diverse investment community – driving towards global net-zero objectives.

About Jupiter’s New Business Segment:

Jupiter Environmental Commodities targets accelerating greenhouse gas (GHG) curtailment by providing innovative solutions and market-based investment opportunities for voluntary carbon offsets and compliance carbon credits. Trade and physical delivery of Jupiter’s futures contracts facilitates the acquisition of carbon credits. Retirement of environmental units is managed through the Jupiter Environmental Registry with traceability to originating projects. Jupiter’s end-to-end solutions intersect individual passion for the environment, corporate obligations, and investment and capital allocation.

Key Features of Jupiter Environmental Commodities:

• Jupiter Environmental Registry: Manages the identification and maintains the current status of projects and associated environmental units. Jupiter provides individual environmental unit transparency and traceability from certification through retirement, including allocation planning and physical delivery.

• Jupiter Data Ontology: Identifies the data taxonomy and relationship between futures contracts and environmental units eligible for physical delivery. Jupiter provides visibility to project methodology, permanence, ratings, and other data attributes that define and enable the potential for quantitative equivalencies for environmental units.

• Jupiter Financial Products: Establishes futures contract definitions and streamlines transactions between stakeholders, including suppliers and end-buyers. Additional financial instruments, such as Options on Futures, provide investors with portfolio diversification options while accelerating market liquidity.

Message from Leadership:

Jupiter is excited to continue working with our partners, stakeholders, and regulators to empower a sustainable future through innovation and industry advancement. Regulated financial products have been designed to increase clarity and investor confidence. Aligning definitions and values for environmental units is paramount in achieving scale for reductions and removals – delivering on the global net-zero objectives for greenhouse gases.

About Jupiter Exchange:

Jupiter is a financial services and technology company that pioneers market-based solutions and financial products for two asset classes – bringing efficiency and transparency through regulated, public market trades.

Jupiter Environmental Commodities delivers innovation and standardization to transform the operating landscape of the complex carbon credit and registry ecosystem. Jupiter streamlines the engagement of suppliers, buyers, and other participants to enable tradeable financial products, advance capital liquidity, and increase trader participation – while delivering a secure and transparent credit registry.

Jupiter Alternative Assets provides investment and trading opportunities for Art, Collectibles & Memorabilia, and Vehicles through public equities. From asset curation and underwriting through exchange listing, Jupiter guides asset holders through the qualification process. Qualified listings enable investors to invest in their passion and diversify their portfolio for alpha generation and capital preservation – owning a piece of history and preserving culture.

At Jupiter, we address global challenges and enable capital infusion to scale and sustain global ecosystems. Jupiter leverages modern technologies and techniques to deliver data transparency and create opportunities for organizations and individuals to connect obligations and passions via investments in standardized and tradeable products.

For media inquiries and more information, contact [email protected].

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Jupiter Exchange
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/682264117/jupiter-launches-new-business-segment-jupiter-environmental-commodities

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