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KEY Difference Secures ‘Business Incubator’ License from DMCC

KEY Difference earns prestigious DMCC license, launching Labs to bridge Web2 to Web3, leveraging a history of blockchain success

The focus of the accelerator is to assist Web2 powerhouses in seamlessly transitioning to Web3 using the blockchain infrastructure.”

— Mr. KEY (Karnika E. Yashwant)

DUBAI, UAE, October 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s official. KEY Difference DMCC has received its business incubator license from DMCC, the world’s most expansive free trade zone. It’s not every day that a company is awarded this exclusive license, which is typically reserved for businesses that exhibit a high level of proficiency and expertise in their field. This move signals the next chapter for the company as they launch KEY Difference Labs, their new accelerator.

A decade in blockchain: The backstory of KEY Difference Media

Over the last decade, starting from 2013, the blockchain landscape witnessed the steadfast growth of KEY Difference Media, the precursor to KEY Difference DMCC. Under the watchful eye of Mr. KEY, or Karnika E. Yashwant, the firm has a wide range of accomplishments. From marketing for several Fortune 100 companies to assisting in the monumental fundraising of over $550 million during the 2017 ICO phase, the firm’s trajectory is nothing short of remarkable.

Yet, it’s not just about figures and past victories. KEY Difference Media’s emphasis on incubating promising enterprises, its hands-on involvement in establishing extensive blockchain ecosystems, and its advisory role for potential future unicorns showcase the company’s forward-thinking approach.

KEY Difference Labs: The future of blockchain acceleration

Web2 entities stand at a challenging crossroads. Their next step is merging with the dynamic world of Web3 and blockchain. This isn’t merely about technological advancement; it’s a pivot towards a more integrated and user-centric digital age. With KEY Difference Labs, KEY Difference DMCC is committed to bridging this gap.

Unfortunately, as with any burgeoning industry, the blockchain industry is not without its pitfalls. In the last decade, we have seen our fair share of short-lived ventures and opportunistic scams. However, Mr. KEY’s perspective is refreshingly different.

In my exclusive interview with him, he explained that:-

“The focus of the accelerator is to assist Web2 powerhouses in seamlessly transitioning to Web3 using the blockchain infrastructure. It’s disheartening to observe the crypto space riddled with scams and short-sighted strategies. My passion is about championing businesses that exemplify long-term, steady growth. This is achievable by harnessing the value ingrained in the Web2 sphere and appealing to its vast user base through simple, effective business use cases.”

Basically, the aim is to onboard the masses by introducing Web2 value-driven entrepreneurs to the transformative potential of Web3 technology. We’re working towards building a brighter future.

But what makes this business incubator license so great? Not every firm gets this nod. The DMCC reserves it for the best, those who’ve proven their mettle. This exclusive license isn’t just a feather in KEY Difference DMCC’s hat; it symbolizes their dedication and unmatched expertise in the field.

So here’s to a new chapter, not just for KEY Difference but for the world of blockchain as a whole.

Jessica Aggeli
KEY Difference Media
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/663561180/key-difference-secures-business-incubator-license-from-dmcc

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