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Move Over Netflix, the Original ‘Florida Man’ Comedy is Back and Facing Off with Hogzilla

Florida Man art by Matthew Weldon

Gary Duba and his buddy Floyd take on massive feral hog in ‘Florida Man vs. Hogzilla’

“Vacation” homage pin-up by Adam Miller

Mike Baron’s ‘Florida Man’ novel found massive success in comics last year and now his ‘Florida Man vs Hogzilla’ graphic novel is expected be an even bigger hit

Gary is taking on the legendary cryptid known as Hogzilla in the funniest tale I’ve ever written. Matt’s artwork is amazing!”

— Mike Baron

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Move over Netflix, the original fan favorite ‘Florida Man‘ is still tickling the funny-bones of readers and comic fans all around the world.

What started out as a long running internet meme inspired Eisner-winning writer Mike Baron to pen his very first comedy novel back in 2019. That novel motivated Baron to pen a pair of sequels, which eventually were adapted into his critically acclaimed FLORIDA MAN graphic novel, which was soon to become a limited series of comicbooks from American Mythology, which then went on to become the publisher’s best selling comics of all last year, outselling all their other funny books, including The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Zorro, and Fright Night.

Mike Baron isn’t new to writing. He’s written over a dozen novels and has been writing comic books for decades, making a name for himself working on best selling titles at Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, and many others. His first claim to fame was a creator owned comic known as Nexus, for which he and co-creator Steve Rude won multiple industry awards, but he recently struck gold again with his ribald Florida Man prose novels, so it seemed only natural to turn them into a new comicbook for grown-ups. His FLORIDA MAN comic kicked off a string of successful creator owned comics, and a renaissance of sorts for Baron.

“I just try to write good comics,” Baron said. “I want people to enjoy them and then to share them with someone else who loves comics. Whether I’m writing the Punisher, the Flash, Star Wars, or my own books like Bronze Star or Private American, I always write my stories to entertain the reader first and foremost.”

Baron’s FLORIDA MAN is a hustler named Gary Duba, a native of the sunshine state. He’s a bit of a shady character, but with a heart of gold. He’s always getting into trouble, but somehow always manages to get himself out of it. With a semi-pro lady wrestler for a wife, a pest control business owner for a best friend, a shady lawyer who favors Hank Williams Jr., and an ongoing problem with snakes in his toilet, all of FLORIDA MAN’s clever situations are crafted by Baron in a way that keeps one’s attention, and frequently reminds older readers of a Rube Goldberg machine by the way the complex series of misadventures always wrap up in the end.

In the new graphic novel Gary takes on the legendary cryptid known as “Hogzilla,” which Baron calls “the funniest tale I’ve ever written. The artwork is amazing. I’ve really got a great team that helps me publish these independently, and at a premium quality. I’m very proud of these books.”

Baron says he’s been amazed by the response to his Florida Man stories, receiving fan mail from people all over the world who say they love the comics. “I think people can relate to Gary,” he explains. “He’s just a guy trying to catch a break, and do the right thing in the end, but sometimes he makes bad decisions and things don’t go the way he planned. Sound familiar?”

When asked if he had seen the critically panned Netflix dramedy that debuted earlier this year, Baron admitted he hadn’t. “I’m told they should have asked me to write it for them!” Baron adds “writing these stories has been really gratifying, and I plan to keep writing Florida Man comics as long as people want to read them.”

Baron’s “Florida Man vs. Hogzilla” is being made available to readers exclusively through crowdfunding, through the official FLORIDA MAN COMICS website. Lettering on the comic is expected to be completed in two more weeks and the book will then be ready for publishing. “Florida Man vs. Hogzilla” launches in October and comic book fans can pre-order it or find out more at FloridaManComics.com.

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Florida Man versus Hogzilla | Teaser Trailer

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