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Prime Time Emmy Honored TV Animator & Author Donna Kay Lau Unveils Exciting 2024 Projects with Surf Soup

Prime Time Emmy Honored TV Animator & Author Donna Kay Lau Unveils Exciting 2024 Projects with Surf Soup

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Surf Soup Book Series

Surf Soup Book Series

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Surf Soup Cartoon Show

Emmy Honored Animator Donna Kay Lau unveils thrilling 2024 projects with Surf Soup, promising an innovative blend of animation and storytelling excellence.”

As an Asian American artist, I foster unity, diversity through art, books, and animation. Nurturing children and oceans, let’s steward a world of peace, love, joy, and harmony, planting seeds of hope.”

— Donna Kay Lau, Creator of Surf Soup

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , USA, January 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Prime Time Emmy Honored TV Animator & Author Donna Kay Lau kicks off 2024 with a vibrant array of creative ventures through Surf Soup, captivating audiences with new books, animated shorts, and initiatives, including a special celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dragon.

About Donna Kay Lau:

Prime Time Emmy Honored Donna Kay Lau is a prominent figure in children’s entertainment, boasting over 25 years of experience in animation. Recognized for her contributions to iconic productions like “Dora the Explorer,” “Catdog,” “Oswald the Octopus,” “Generator Rex,” and “Regular Show,” Donna’s dedication has left a mark on the industry. Beyond animation, Donna Kay Lau is a prolific author and illustrator, with diverse spans from fitness guides to books on the art of making cartoons. Her passion for lifelong learning extends to exploring fields like traditional and digital animation art and augmented reality. Inspired by the vibrant beaches in California and the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii, Lau’s boundless imagination and creative spirit continue to drive her to dream up recent adventures and characters. As a fitness trainer for over 30 years, surfer, and avid learner embracing Chinese traditions, Donna Kay Lau’s life is a colorful tapestry of creativity and commitment to inspiring young minds.

About Surf Soup Book Series:

For children ages 6-12, Surf Soup, created by Donna Kay Lau, stands as a beloved book series and cartoon show dedicated to inspiring and educating children. With over 60+ books in the series, Surf Soup continues to weave a magical world of creativity, exploration, and learning. Reflecting on her journey, Donna Kay Lau expresses deep gratitude for being recognized in her field. Donna infuses the essence of her cultural heritage into Surf Soup, celebrating Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dragon, aligning with her commitment to diversity, especially during Asian Heritage Month. Adding to her series an animated short of her Chinese immigrant parents and grandparents comes an animated short Lau has been working on and with reflections throughout her new cartoon series Surf Soup TV on YouTube showcases her Chinese American heritage and more books that reflect her Chinese American culture.

Surf Soup TV – Spreading Hope and Creating Change:

At Surf Soup.org, Waves of Hope, Lau’s commitment to creating change and spreading hope takes center stage. A portion of funds from all Surf Soup projects support non-profit initiatives, donating books, from supporting the arts to spearheading ocean conservation. By purchasing Surf Soup books, subscribing to the YouTube channel (@Surfsouptv), and engaging on social media (@Surfsoup), audiences directly contribute to these impactful initiatives.

Kindle Vella Update:

Explore the making of Surf Soup through Donna Kay Lau’s Kindle Vella series, “Making Surf Soup: A Chinese American Story of Donna Kay Lau TV Animator, Author and Illustrator.” Available here, the series delves into the behind-the-scenes insights of creating Surf Soup, with Eli Reed, director of photography, collaborating with Lau to produce the story of a Chinese American animator’s journey. Regular updates provide a glimpse into the milestones and challenges faced during the creative process. Lau recently interviewed Eli Reed on the Surf Soup Talk Story Podcast.

Latest Updates – Happy New Year from Surf Soup!

Stepping into 2024, Donna Kay Lau extends warm wishes to supporters and unveils exciting projects:

Volumes 11 and 12 of Surf Soup TV and the Magical Hair-Book have been published, and Volume 13 is on Pre-Sale and 14 the last volume of book 11.

The Surf Soup book series has garnered translations into multiple languages, making the series go worldwide.

Daily animated “Shorts” daily Drawing & Comic series “It’s Me, Eggoh!” on Surf Soup TV on YouTube @Surfsouptv.

Experience new animated adventures of Surf Soup with behind-the-scenesj insights – Live on YouTube & Twitch @Surfsouptv.

Introducing Surf Soup Fitness Gym for a healthy start to the new year for kids on Surf Soup TV YouTube @Surfsouptv “Laughing Yoga with Prana the Piranha””.

School visits and appearances connect directly with young minds. Request Author Visits

The release also highlights, including new book releases, podcast interviews, book translations, a documentary in collaboration with Eli Reed, and Lau interviewed by Rodney Allen Rippy and Eli Reed on Surf Soup Talk Story Podcast and more episodes produced on Surf Soup TV podcast for kids. It has been an exceptional year that Lau just had with even more to look forward to.

To feature Surf Soup and Donna Kay Lau for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May 1-May 31, 2024, for your news outlet…

Please contact Donna Kay Lau for interviews and information.

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