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“Road to Consciousness” on Experts & Authors TV

“Road to Consciousness” on Experts & Authors TV

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Innovative Spiritual Travelogue hosted by Jim Meade Premiers on Streaming Network

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Experts & Authors TV is very pleased to announce the premier of “Road to Consciousness” on its quickly expanding network. The first episode will be available for viewing on Thursday, November 2, 2023. Experts and Authors TV is a new streaming television service that is available for viewers using Roku and Amazon Fire devices; it is also available to view on the web and mobile applications.

“Road to Consciousness” is an innovative new program that combines the world travel format with themes of spirituality and wellness. In each episode, host James Meade explores local spiritual traditions and interviews a variety of individuals to get their personal takes on such topics as health, education, economics, well-being, meditation, enlightenment, and much more. The present season is focused on areas in South and Southeastern Asia, but there are plans for expanding the subject regions in future seasons. Meade’s relaxed and humorous presentations give the show a breezy, easy going pace, but this belies his profound personal knowledge as a best-selling author and life-long meditation disciple.

The first episode is situated in the Maitreyi Vedic Village of Tamil Nadu in India. It includes a very informative presentation on the practice of yoga, as well scenes of Meade participating in the ancient restorative procedure of Abhyanga massage. Future episodes from this season will include Jim dropping in on a group of yogic flyers, and also a Gandharva Veda concert and Vedic dance performance. Following the November 2 launch, subsequent episodes will air on Experts & Authors TV every two weeks on Thursdays.

James G. Meade, PhD is a prolific author and a thoroughly engaging one. His books have sold more than 750,000 copies. These titles include The Answer to Cancer, with Dr. Hari Sharma, and The Human Resources Software Handbook, which was a standard industry blueprint for HR departments. Clever, funny, and lucid, Meade is a born writer who has sharpened his skills with 31 books and hundreds of articles. His Ph.D. is in English. He has taught Transcendental Meditation to thousands in places ranging from his home LA to Tanzania, South Korea, and Nepal.

Experts & Authors TV is a constantly evolving network delivering reliable, informative insights on a variety of topics. Every day the catalog is expanding with innovative programming on a vast array of subjects including health and fitness, business and finance, mindfulness and spirituality, food, politics, the environment, and much, much more.

This trailblazing new streaming platform was launched as a collaborative effort by SelectBooks publishers and Scout Media. It is a streaming television channel that is available on Roku and Amazon Fire devices. Experts and Authors can be viewed anywhere and anytime by downloading the Roku or Fire TV app and searching for Experts and Authors. It is also available online for desktop and mobile users by visiting https://expertsandauthors.tv/. The platform can be viewed with or without a subscription and it provides a variety of paid and free content.

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