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Salintae Tuzo-Smith Joins with SuccessBooks® to Co-Author “Mindset Matters” Alongside Jack Canfield

Salintae Tuzo-Smith

WARWICK, BERMUDA, May 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — SuccessBooks® proudly announces an exciting partnership with Salintae Tuzo-Smith as she collaborates as a co-author for the highly anticipated book, “Mindset Matters,” joining a remarkable team of authors, including the esteemed Jack Canfield.

Salintae Tuzo-Smith embodies resilience and optimism, overcoming the challenges of a chronic illness she has bravely faced since birth. Despite medical prognoses, Salintae’s indomitable spirit drives her to pursue a life filled with purpose and accomplishment.

Her unwavering determination is evident not only in her personal journey but also in her professional pursuits. Armed with a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling and certification as a Trauma Informed Coach, Salintae has spent nearly a decade in the corporate realm, earning recognition as a Certified Business Continuity Professional. Her mission is clear – to empower individuals confronting adversity, demonstrating that they possess the strength to transcend their circumstances and guiding them toward mastering their mindset despite any obstacles.

For more information on Salintae Tuzo-Smith and her inspiring work, please visit www.metanoiapower.com or contact info@metanoiapower.

SuccessBooks® is honored to welcome Salintae as a co-author for “Mindset Matters” and eagerly awaits the invaluable insights she will contribute to the book. Stay tuned for the release of “Mindset Matters” set to launch in the Summer of 2024.

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