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Selling Tech/CRM: It’s What’s Below the Tip of the Iceberg That Matters Most

Author – James R Stafford

In today’s competitive landscape, traditional tech sales methodologies fall short. Using logic helps; emotions hold the key to truly unlocking success.

If you think you know all there is to know about selling tech and CRM, you’re wrong!”

— James R Stafford

New Book Uncovers the Hidden Secrets of Successful Selling in the Age of Tech Automation

In today’s competitive landscape, traditional sales methodologies often fall short. While logic and targeted conversations are crucial, Jim Stafford, a sales veteran with over 25 years of experience, argues that emotions hold the key to truly unlocking success.

Stafford’s groundbreaking book, “Selling CRM: It’s What’s Below the Tip of the Iceberg That Matters Most,” dives deep into the often-overlooked factors that influence buying decisions, drawing upon his extensive experience in the CRM industry.

Key points of the book include:

The “Iceberg of Decision-Making”: Only 30% of the tech decision-making process is visible above the surface, while the crucial 70% lies beneath, driven by emotions like trust, empathy, and likeability.

– Emotional Selling Techniques: The book delves into practical strategies for building emotional connections, navigating the buyer journey with emotional intelligence, and tailoring approaches for diverse customer personas.

– The ENGAGE Sales Methodology: This unique framework, introduced in the book, equips sales professionals with a practical model for fostering consultative selling and fostering human connection throughout the sales cycle.

“The Iceberg” is a valuable resource for:

– Sales professionals in the tech industry, particularly those specializing in CRM and CX

– Business development and customer success managers

– Sales engineers seeking alignment with sales representatives

– Product marketers aiming to develop effective go-to-market strategies

Stafford’s innovative approach goes beyond transactional interactions, empowering sales professionals to transform CRM selling into a transformational experience that unlocks the full potential of client relationships.

“Sales and go-to-market professionals seeking to forge deeper, more meaningful customer connections will find ‘The Iceberg’ an invaluable resource. Packed with real-world case studies, industry-specific examples, and data-driven insights, the book equips readers with the tools to navigate the complex emotional landscape of the modern sales journey.”

Jim Stafford, Author of “Selling CRM: It’s What’s Below the Tip of the Iceberg That Matters Most.”

Available on Amazon.

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