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Sussman & Associates Applaud Timeshare Developers’ Increased Willingness to Exit Offer Remedies for Exiting Contracts to Owners with Demonstrable “Hardship”

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sussman & Associates Applaud Timeshare Developers’ Increased Willingness to Exit Offer Remedies for Exiting Contracts to Owners with Demonstrable “Hardship

Sussman & Associates, a legacy law firm in the timeshare cancelation industry, has noted a significant and positive trend in the timeshare “exit” business: timeshare companies and resorts are becoming more receptive to providing remedies for owners seeking to terminate their contracts or relinquish their ownerships, especially amidst economic challenges, financial hardships, and health concerns.

According to Andrea Estrada, lead client negotiator and settlement officer at the Sussman firm, in response to changing consumer needs, timeshare companies are adapting by offering cancellation alternatives to owners in need. These alternatives often require some form of monetary settlements in return for facilitating contract exits while also resolving negative credit reporting. These settlements are often negotiable depending upon the financial circumstances of the owner.

Mr. Turner, a client represented by Sussman & Associates, who was battling cancer, was initially offered a settlement release by his timeshare company. However, recognizing the severe health challenges Mr. Turner was facing, the Sussman firm+ successfully negotiated a lower settlement that better accommodated his circumstances. This provided Mr. Turner with much needed relief during his illness.

According to Juliet Sussman, current co – chair of the American Association for Justice’s Timeshare Litigation Group, signifies a positive shift in the industry, as timeshare companies increasingly recognize the necessity of providing solutions for owners who find themselves unable to maintain their timeshare or vacation club memberships due to financial constraints.

Estrada recommended that the “first point of contact” should always be your developer.

Should that fail as Estrada is optimistic that this new era of developer empathy will continue. “We are encouraged going forward that the process of developer cooperation in timeshare cancellation will continue to evolve” for the benefit of the industry and timeshare owners with financial or other challenges.

About Sussman & Associates

Sussman & Associates has been practicing Real Estate and Bankruptcy Law for almost half a century, specializing in timeshare cancellation and exit for the past 15 years. More information can be found by visiting https://timesharelegalaction.com/.

SOURCE Sussman & Associates

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sussman–associates-applaud-timeshare-developers-increased-willingness-to-exit-offer-remedies-for-exiting-contracts-to-owners-with-demonstrable-hardship-302109675.html
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