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Two Ohio Teachers on a Quest to Live to 100 Share Practical Strategies in New Hack Learning Series Book

Hack Learning Life Book 1

Hacking Life After 50 authors James Sturtevant and Mark Barnes

Authors James Sturtevant and Mark Barnes

Retired from the classroom, these educators now teach the after-50s crowd how to live a healthy, joy-filled life, possibly to 100 and beyond

We’re practicing what we learn, and we feel better than ever.”

— James Sturtevant

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, OH, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — James Sturtevant, of Columbus, and Mark Barnes, of Cleveland, share 10 ways to beat Father Time and live a long, healthy, joy-filled life in their book Hacking Life After 50, just released by Times 10 Publications. The book is part of the Hack Learning Life Series, which provides practical solutions busy people can read today and use tomorrow.

The two friends and colleagues are well into their after-50s journey and have made it their mission to help others in their age group, and well past it, live their best lives, in what the authors call Life’s Act II.

In Hacking Life After 50: 10 Ways to Beat Father Time and Live a Long, Healthy, Joy-Filled Life, they share tips on everything from staying physically active to maintaining close relationships.

“We want people to know that it’s never too late to start living a healthier, happier life,” said Sturtevant. “We’re researchers and practitioners of mental, physical, and emotional best practices and any new science centered on longevity we can get our hands on. We’re practicing what we learn, and we feel better than ever.”

In Hacking Life After 50 the authors suggest that readers:

get moving and stay active
don’t retire from learning
connect with friends and family
find a purpose
be intentional about sleep
master meal planning
reclaim muscle
manage stress
avoid negativity
give back
embrace a Momentum Mindset

Hacking Life After 50 is book 1 in Times 10 Publications’ Hack Learning Life Series. Based on the popular Hack Learning books for educators, Hack Learning Life books use a similar problem-solving formula, in which authors use their personal expertise and strategies to help readers overcome obstacles they face en route to solving a variety of life’s biggest challenges.

“We are not fans of a lot of long-term plans that many fitness gurus recommend,” said Barnes. “We offer simple strategies, or hacks, and provide actionable steps readers can use right away to make an immediate impact on their lives. We include strategies for building momentum. Rather than a long-term plan, we promote incremental changes that become lifelong habits.”

Apart form encouraging people to strive to reach a healthy 100 and beyond, Sturtevant and Barnes hope to create an after-50s life movement. “We want to make after-50s life something people embrace wholeheartedly and talk about,” Barnes said. “There’s a stigma around aging, and so-called elderly people are often considered to be useless. We think life’s Act II can be even better than the first act–before 50. After-50s Life should be, we think, a brand people embrace with pride.”

Hacking Life After 50 is available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers.

Sturtevant and Barnes will be touring Ohio to promote the book and are available for interviews upon request.

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