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VERTU Ushers in the Web3 AI Phone Revolution: Challenging Industry Titans

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Product: METAVERTU 2

METAVERTU 2 Cabon Fibre AI phone

METAVERTU 2 Cabon Fibre

VERTU consolidates its leading position in WEB3 and AI integration in the smartphone space, positioning itself as a strong competitor to industry giants.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, February 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an ambitious stride forward, VERTU cements its pioneering status in the integration of Web3 and artificial intelligence within the smartphone realm, positioning itself as a formidable contender against industry behemoths such as Samsung and Apple, poised to spotlight “AI phones” come 2024.

Apple disclosed Wednesday a wind-down of its electric car effort after a decade-long Odyssey and a shift to generative AI. As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly pivotal across various sectors, the spotlight turns to AI mobile phones, anticipated to spark a revolution in the industry this year. Amidst a challenging phase for smartphone manufacturers, the race to capitalize on the burgeoning AI hype is on, with an influx of giants like Apple, HUAWEI, and Samsung venturing into AI-concentric products. VERTU, a name synonymous with luxury and innovation in the smartphone landscape, has already taken the lead with the September 2023 launch of its METAVERTU 2 (META2), marking a significant milestone in marrying Web3 functionalities with artificial intelligence in smartphones, showcasing unparalleled foresight and innovation in the AI mobile phone market.

METAVERTU 2: A Paradigm of Hybrid AI

Integration of AI technology inside phones is not a new concept. AI features like background blur effects on smartphones and picture editing have been on devices for years. However, large language models and generative AI promise to start a new revolution in the smartphone industry. Large language AI models have been trained on vast amounts of data that underpin applications to unlock new features, such as the ability for some chatbots to generate images or text from a user prompt, heralding a new era of interactive digital assistance.

While other mobile phone manufacturers are still trying to integrate various self-developed large modelsVERTU’s METAVERTU 2 emerges as a game-changer, previously renowned for its luxury concierge services and personal butlers, now enhanced with hybrid AI to offer a user-friendly, personalized, and empathetic digital companion. This innovation redefines user expectations, setting new industry benchmarks.

Hybrid Dual Models for Personalized AI Agent

VERTU has independently developed a dual-model AI architecture, blending large language models and small language models to generate more personalized and optimal results rather than choice when the user is generating the text or pictures. AI-driven features ensure that METAVERTU 2 can cater to individual needs with unparalleled precision.

To build an AI mobile phone that “understands” users, METAVERTU 2 is equipped with both large and small models to operate and train at the same time: the large model has more advanced features and processing capabilities targeting complex tasks, such as language understanding and image recognition. The small model is responsible for the “last mile” reasoning and smart execution. Real scenario-specific data are fed back to the large model to help iteratively enhance the capabilities of the large models. Consequently, many generative AI models have an achievable prospect in META 2. The purpose is to improve efficiency meanwhile ensuring that users have a reliable experience even when cloud servers and network connections are congested.

“Our iconic hybrid butler service in METAVERTU 2 adopts a new AI + real person model. If the AI agent cannot help you solve your problem, you can directly switch to our real butler with a simple click. Our real butlers can not only answer your questions, but also deliver surprise services, not the services that we are obligated to do or that our competitors are offering.” Said Ermis Lee, the marketing executive of VERTU.

User Privacy: A Major Prerequisite for AI Phones
Compared with most AI phones on the market, METAVERTU 2 ensures personal privacy data protection by only learning, analyzing, and running on a small language model in the user’s local mobile phone without exposing it to a third-party platform, truly strengthening privacy.

“What we want is that improved and more personalized prompts are provided to the cloud, only under the condition of sufficient user privacy protection. In this way, we can make a more personalized mobile user experience possible. At the same time, the AI agent will become an important entrance for users to acquire information and interact, directly helping users with content screening, content generation, search, and service delivery,” Lee said.

METAVERTU 2 AI Phone: IQ + EQ Agent

META 2 enables users to fine-tune and cultivate a personalized AI agent with high IQ and EQ ability. Leveraging the capability of hybrid language models, the IQ agent is a professional assistant dealing with complex tasks in different scenarios while the EQ agent is an emotional chat companion based on assigned AI assistant personalities by users. At present, several companies perform outstandingly in making emotional companion robots, in that humans need to talk while talking to friends has a high chance of privacy leakage.

AI + WEB3: Gateway to Reliable METAVERSE

Embracing the blockchain tech revolution, METAVERTU 2 is WEB3-ready for constructing customized METAVERSE. Personalized AI agent data is distributed in a decentralized manner from one aspect, and the personally trained AI agent can perform encrypted data transmission, transactions, and authentication through web3 or blockchain, in which zero-knowledge (ZK) methods can be applied for data desensitization and privacy processing. The AI + Web3 model opens a gateway to safely engage in cryptocurrency transactions and access decentralized applications.

As the smartphone industry evolves, METAVERTU 2 stands out as a testament to VERTU’s commitment to leading the AI phone revolution. With its advanced features, METAVERTU 2 is not just competing with general AI smartphones that focus on search, translation, chat, or image editing; it is setting the benchmark for the future of smartphones.

For more information on the METAVERTU 2 and VERTU stories in revolution and innovation, please visit https://vertu.com/.


VERTU stands as a beacon of luxury in the smartphone market, renowned for its dedication to elegance, innovation, and excellence. Through the integration of advanced AI and Web3 technologies, VERTU is not just redefining the AI smartphone experience but is also paving the way to a futuristic digital era.

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METAVERTU 2: A Paradigm of Hybrid AI

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