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Strongbox Security Solutions, President & CEO, Paul Maria, Based In Acton, Massachusetts, Talks About School Security

Paul Maria, President & CEO, Strongbox Security Solutions



…and The Benefits Of Security Guards, “In The Boardroom”, on www.SecuritySolutionsWatch.com

We are honored to speak with Strongbox Security Solutions, President & CEO, Paul Maria, based In Acton, Massachusetts, about the success of the Company’s School Security Division at four (4) schools”

— Martin Eli, Publisher

ACTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, November 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Paul, it is truly an honor to speak with a law enforcement professional with 15+ years experience with the Maynard Police Department, Maynard, Massachusetts, near Boston, as Sergeant and Detective. Thank you for joining us today. Let’s talk about the services your firm, Strongbox Security Services (https://www.strongboxsecurityservices.com/) , delivers and please tell us more about your career in law enforcement.

Paul Maria: I earned a bachelor’s degree in History from Norwich University where I was a member of the Corps of Cadets for four years. I then earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Western New England College. I served my community as a Special Police Officer for over a year before being sworn as a full-time Police Officer. I served for much of my career as a Detective, Fire Investigator and Field Training Officer before being promoted to the rank of Sergeant. I served at this rank as a Patrol Supervisor before retiring to start Strongbox Security Services, LLC. I am passionate about helping others and give to various charities and causes near and dear to my heart. This includes several local charities, youth and High School sports organizations, Veteran’s organizations, and the Knights of Columbus charities. During my career in Law Enforcement I interacted with Private Security Guards from many companies. I observed that, more times than not, there was room for improvement. I recognized that there was a need for Security Guards that were trained and held to higher standards than many of those that I had observed, and at a very budget-conscious rate. This is the benchmark by which Strongbox Security Services was founded.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: We understand that Strongbox Security provides services for Construction Site Security, Residential Security, Corporate Security, Security Patrol Vehicle & Alarm Response, Uniformed, Unarmed Security Guards, Uniformed, Armed Security Guards. Please give us an overview of each of these services.

Paul Maria: We utilize cutting-edge guard tracking software, in person and online training programs, and hands-on guard management processes to provide our clients with the best security guard services in the industry. We customize our services to meet the needs or each individual client and each site. We can include access control, foot and vehicle patrol, door and window checks, front desk services and so much more. Our guards are trained and encouraged to deescalate volatile situations and we work closely with local Law Enforcement organizations as well as Emergency Medical Services and Fire Departments to provide necessary coordination and cooperation on behalf of our clients. Our guards are respectful, professional, and approachable, allowing our guards to interact in a positive way with our clients, their employees, residents of the residential properties we protect, and our clients’ customers. In addition, our Armed Guards are trained by Retired Military Police Officers and former SWAT officers and are expected to qualify with their service weapons using the same qualification standards required by every Municipal Police Officer in Massachusetts but with a higher passing score.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: We read with great interest on your site (https://www.strongboxsecurityservices.com/about/) , that,

<<The members of our management team come from various backgrounds to include prior Law Enforcement, SWAT, U.S. Military, Homeland Security and the TSA, and are highly trained in all of the services that we provide. Our management team brings over 100 combined years of Law Enforcement and military experience to bear for our clients. Our CEO is a retired Police Officer with command experience and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and many members of our management team and security staff have earned advanced degrees as well as specialized training in all aspects of Law Enforcement, Military, and Security procedures, tactics, and techniques. In addition to our management team, all of our Security Specialists are highly trained operators, many of whom have extensive Military, Law Enforcement, and Government backgrounds. We strive to hire Veterans first and give preference to applicants who are Veterans.

At Strongbox, we do not accept mediocracy. Before qualifying for a position within our company, all candidates are heavily vetted through extensive background checks and vigorous interviews. All of our armed personnel must then prove themselves on the firing range, exceeding the standards that all Massachusetts Municipal Police Officers must meet. As a result, our clients can feel secure in the knowledge that our Security Specialists are held to a higher standard than local Law Enforcement. Our Security Specialists are able to improvise, adapt, and overcome in any situation. At Strongbox, we operate with our motto in mind: Trust only the best to protect what matters most! >>

This is, indeed, impressive. Please tell us more.

Paul Maria: We believe that, rather than hire a manager, we train, develop and promote managers from the rank and file. By doing this, we encourage personal and professional growth and provide a promotional path for our employees. In addition, our managers do not bring with them bad habits learned from past work environments. In addition, we give hiring preference to military personnel, veterans, former law enforcement, and candidates with prior security experience. Currently, we have several retired municipal police officers, a retired corrections officer, more than a dozen veterans and current military personnel, and security professionals with decades of experience in the industry. Our hiring process starts with our VP of Operations and CEO vetting applicants as they show interest in open positions. Only 25% of applicants reach the initial phone interview stage. We then conduct in person interviews, CORI checks and background checks before coming to a final hiring decision.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Would you like to discuss any particular success stories or client testimonials.

Paul Maria: We have had great feedback from our School Security Division. We currently provide Security Guard services for four area schools including a vocational school, a preschool, and two High Schools as well as an amazing Summer program for student-athlete development. I’ve been told by client contacts that our presence on campus at each site have put faculty, staff and parents at ease, knowing that there is a professional and capable security presence protecting what matters most to them, the children. In addition to schools, we provide security to various religious institutions and other businesses. Our School Security Division is what I am most proud of .

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: As we enter into the Holiday season, are there any particular tips you would like to share with business owners and homeowners?

Paul Maria: Don’t ignore the need for security guard services. All of the high tech camera systems, alarm systems, and access control systems are great but none can replace a professional Security Guard. Having that physical presence on a site many times makes the difference between being seen a as a soft vs hard target. Criminals will often avoid locations where there is a physical security presence, choosing instead to target a site without a guard. During the holidays, people become more desperate, more depressed, more inclined to commit criminal acts. During my time on the Police Department, we would always see an uptick in all forms of crime around the holidays. With the current political climate schools, places of worship and public places with large crowds have become much more vulnerable. The addition of Uniformed, professional security guards can make the difference.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: The headlines, unfortunately, are quite scary and we’re seeing a breakdown of law & order in many areas. What are your thoughts regarding “best practices” to assure the best possible safety and security?

Paul Maria: Make sure you check your camera, alarm and access control systems to ensure they are working properly. Make sure you have physical security guards on your site to provide a visual deterrent and to act as an extra set of eyes, watching our for your staff so that they can concentrate on their jobs. Decrease your liability by adding Guards employed by a licensed, insured, and bonded professional security guard company. Ensure that the company utilizes extensive training programs and that armed guards are required to train and qualify to the highest industry standards. At Strongbox, we exceed these standards by training our armed guards to standards that exceed what local Police Officers are required to meet.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: How can new clients reach you, Paul, and do you offer free assessments or brief consultations about a client’s needs and security concerns?

Paul Maria: We are only a phone call away. You can check us out online at: Strongbox Security Services (https://www.strongboxsecurityservices.com/) and call us at 978-298-5848 during business hours for non-emergencies. We provide free estimates for our services and will answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the security on your site.

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com: Thanks again for joining us today, Paul, we look forward to future updates.


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