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T.E.N. Announces Call For Art: Summer Vibes Jurors

T.E.N., an artist collective passionate about connecting unique and inspiring artists with collectors around the world announces their call for art Summer Vibes

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — T.E.N.: arTists crEative conNection, is currently accepting all genres and styles that work within the noted show theme, and both 2D and 3D artworks. ALL works should incorporate the theme in their composition.

Beginning in childhood, summer represents a time of relaxation, rejuvenation and fun in the field, water, sand and sun.

Think back to your joys of time off from school, picnics, parades, barbecues in the backyard, vacations to new places, having new experiences, playground time with friends; and transform those feelings and memories into your art.

The submissions will be reviewed by a panel of 4 well qualified jurors and the show will be featured on the 10acious Art Auctions site. All pieces in the show can be offered for sale with all sales going to the artist. T.E.N. takes no commission.


Nicole Durham | Visual Texture Artist: Durham began creating textured artworks with caulk as an experimental journey to explore her neglected cultural identities. The nontraditional medium is an industrial, and far more obstinate, material than traditional acrylic products, reconnecting her with ambitious emotions of endurance and sacrifice. Durham has participated in various juror shows to include The Big Show, Visual Artist Alliance, and won best in show for Greyscale at the Ardest Gallery.

Brittany Ellis | Mixed Media Artist: Ellis has always been an avid daydreamer imagining she was somewhere other than where she was. As a child, her alphabet sheets were joined by paper doodles of stars and planets, her adult life was filled with post-it doodles during downtime between clients. Whether as a child or as an adult, Ellis searched for an escape from reality through the mystery of space. Space became a secret getaway from difficult times during school as a child and now as an adult with work. Her series “Space to Earth” narrates the continental drift phases of Earth throughout time using her imagination.

M E Klesse | Abstract Artist: “Everything I know about life I learned from playing “Clue”, Klesse mentions. Born in the Northeast, they learned early that research is the key to everything. “If you want to understand something, you must seek information, organize the facts and toss out the chaff”, Klesee adds. A multi-sensorial artist, with painted works in acrylic, oil and wax; and works in sculpture, assemblage and poetry, they use a variety of techniques to address social issues close to the hearts of local people and world issues affecting us all.

Pooja Murgai Taneja | Abstract Artist: “I believe that at a core level, we all want to express and feel unconditional love. When I create, I feel a deep emotional bond with the subject I’m painting. Throughout my creative process, there is a sense of passion and spiritual connection. My desire is for this to translate from my work into beauty and radiance within the viewer’s space, as well as connect with them at a higher level and bring in the experience of love and peace. I hope that both through my artwork and leading by example, I am able to encourage people to follow their dreams and spread love.”

For more information on the T.E.N. call for arts, please visit the T.E.N. website https://ten10acious.wixsite.com/ten-art

Artists interested in submitting for the Open Call, can do so via the Jotform.

Nicole Durham
[email protected]
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