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The world is about to see the GREAT Blockchain for global economic transformation sustainably

GREAT Blockchain will help promote job opportunities and promote growth for the world economy to keep pace with global digital transformation period.

Dr Tran Cong Doan and Dr. Vo Xuan Truong – authors of the GREAT Blockchain

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Two authors of “One Mekong, One Meal” initiative continue to prepare to announce a GREAT Blockchain to transform the global economy towards sustainable growth.

CAN THO, VIETNAM, October 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — After over 5 years of in-depth research on the macroeconomics of the Mekong Sub-region and developing blockchain technology for “One Mekong, One Meal” initiative (OMOM), Dr. Tran Cong Doan and Dr. Vo Xuan Truong, The two authors of OMOM macroeconomic initiative continue to prepare to announce a GREAT Blockchain, a blockchain project designed to help comprehensively digitally transform the global economy towards sustainable growth.

The world economy seems extremely complex, but in a certain sense, it is an ecosystem of markets operating with an extremely simple mechanism with extremely simple principles of transactions. These simple transactions are repeated many times and are driven by human needs and it will create three main factors to operate the economy. That is Productivity Growth; Short-term debt cycle; Long-term debt cycle. The intermediary instrument for recording transaction values is called currency.

With their in-depth research on macroeconomics, blockchain technology applied to the OMOM economic initiative and the superiority of Vietnam’s unique market economic model, they have proposed and started to build GREAT Blockchain. With the Proof of Asset/Proof of Wealth algorithm and based on the value reference system of Basic Labor Value in “New Basic Labor Value Theory” by Dr. Vo Xuan Truong, GREAT Blockchain will be a global decentralized ledger that records every transaction and transaction value of the world economy according to a closed economy programming to provide operating scenarios for fiscal policy, monetary policy, commodity policy of the ISLM macroeconomic model through AI and the value of transactions will be converted to Basic Labor Value and it is defined as GREAT token, a certificate that recognizes of digital assets for participants in the world economy.

Looking back at the development history of blockchain, before the birth of Bitcoin, nobody could imagine of transferring money from one account to another safely without any financial institution in between, such as banks. Blockchain technology presents a radical and groundbreaking new way to conduct all forms of transactions over the Internet. The advent of Bitcoin and blockchain has brought many changes to the financial world, even the world economy that was previously operated using Fiat currencies. With their findings, the two PhDs are ready to create a transparent and public transformation of the transactions and transaction value of the world economy through the recognition of value using GREAT digital assets. The popularity of Smartphones and the Internet has made GREAT Blockchain’s recording value transactions even more abundant, popular, easy, transparent and valuable. GREAT Blockchain promises to truly be an invaluable digital asset in the future when it officially launches on 10/10/2023.

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil or gold but data and digital assets. We created GREAT Blockchain to help make transactions and the value of the economy’s transactions more transparent and fair” – Dr. Tran Cong Doan shared.

Dr. Vo Xuan Truong said: “GREAT Blockchain will help promote job opportunities and promote growth for the world economy in a sustainable and strong way through transparent recording of transactions and transaction value while creating more jobs through Smart Contract and DAPPs (Decentralized Applications) functions for each individual to create new jobs and call for cooperation, from passively applying for jobs based on the salary set by the employer, workers proactively create projects for themselves according to the needs of the world economy to attract people with the same passion or working need on the basis of equality and transparency of smart contracts in the sharing and circular economy. This promises to be a new trend of the world economy in the near future.”

GREAT Blockchain will be officially deployed to a wide range of users in early November 2023.

Audience can study more about GREAT BLOCKCHAIN and the “Great Crypto” digital asset by the following information:

Website: https://explorer.greatcrypto.network/

Mainnet: https://explorer.greatcrypto.network/

Great Wallet: https://wallet.greatcrypto.network

GREATEX: https://dex.greatcrypto.network/

Great Wallet Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greatwallet&pli=1

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